Dear Sir,

My wife and I both voted for Brexit. Which, presumably, we all know is a democratic process. However, since that time, all we have had from many members of parliament is a continual barrage of wrangling, heckling or hurling insults at each other. Which is invariably, accompanied by bringing personalities into it. Their behaviour, which we’ve often seen in Parliament, is at times, nothing more than infantile in it’s content, which you wouldn’t normally expect from adults, least of all MPs who are, after all, supposed to be running a country.

If young people behaved this way, we would, no doubt, be punished – the politics in this country is now in complete disarray and shambles. If politicians would just stop all this nonsense and realise, no matter what, that democratically people voted to come out and not stay in the EU.

Incidentally, we knew why we wanted to leave. In democracy, you are expected to recognise and respect the wishes of the people and that’s what ALL MPs should be doing, no matter what their personal views. So, come on, stop squabbling like children and act in an adult manner to resolve this important issue.

That is how democracy is supposed to work.

J & R McNeal